Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Month Promotion

"I'm just loving you" , "ta da, kimi o aishideru.."
Sometimes in our daily life, we probably will forget/miss something which is important and valuable. We have to learn to love our love's one, our family, our friends, because no matter what happened to us, they're always by our side. I love you. I'm just loving you.

We are having a romantic valentine's month promotion in Karamell Almondo this month with MANGO WAFFLE, freshly cut mango cubes serving with kA homemade vanilla soft ice cream in a crispy waffle bowl. Start selling tomorrow in all Karamell Almondo Stores at promotion price of RM6.50 only~ (normal price:RM7.80)~

Item is limited in quantities and in limited period. Please don't hesitate come to our shops to check out ~